Eternal Council

The Eternal Council was made for two reasons. Firstly it was made with the primary purpose to ensure that the Empire had a supreme court. The second was to ensure that both the Emperor and Senate acted within the spirit of the Law and didn't abuse there respective powers.

The Eternal Council consists of Thirteen Members who once elected are there to surve for life unless they leave their post, either due to resignation or throw being dismissed. It is only the Emperor who can dismiss a member of the Eternal Council. Though the Senate can impeache a member and if that member is found guilty then they are removed from the Council.

The Eternal Council meets in the Eternal Council Hall in the Royal Palace, where they sit at a round table, in order to demonstrate that they are all of equal status. One of the first decisions they made was to agree that the meeting chair role should be swapped between each of them in accordance to the Alphabetical order of their last name.

Powers and Responsibilities

  • Ensure that the Emperor listens to the Senate and if he doesn't then they can by majority over rule him
  • Ensure that both the Senate and Emperor behave in accordance with the law
  • Provided an emergency council should the Empire go to war
  • Would also act as a supreme court of the Empire.and can issue sentences like a supreme court would
  • Would help the creation laws (but would still have to go to the Senate for approval and the Emperor)
  • Would deal with any impeachments of the Senate (the Senate would deal with any of the Council via committee) 
  • Can overrule the Parakkan Senate providing they are in unanimous agreement 

Notable Members of the Eternal Council

+ Kasumi Jackson - Imperial Noble Party
+ Amy Cooper - Imperial Noble Party
* Percy Jackson - Imperial Noble Party
* Noctis Caelum - Imperial Noble Party
* Philip Blackbarn - Greater Parakkan Party
+ Sophia Wise - Liberal Democrats Party
* Billy Jefferson - Liberal Democrats Party
* Samuel Clark - Liberal Democrats Party
+ Natalie Romero - Conservative Republic Party
* Donald Bennett - Conservative Republic Party
* Chang Ison - Labour Socialism Party
+ Lu Quarles - Labour Socialism Party
* Robert John Abyss - Labour Socialism Party

Out of context

Key + Female * Male