Article 1 - Definitions

  • A creature is defined as an animal that is original in some way.
  • Co-operative rp is defined as an rp involving two or more nations.
  • Invulnerable is defined as lacking flaw, weakness or a general sense of realism.
  • Secret information is defined as information known only to your nation's leaders, scientists or population.

Article 2 - Role Play

1. This is for internal role play and consentual co-operative rp only.

2. SASC, Delegate or Founder reserve the right to tell a nation to rewrite a fictional creature for any reason.

Article 4 - General

1. If your creature is based of someone else work then you must credit them in your dispatches.

2. Use a level of realism when writting your creatures. There should be no secret information about your creature, nor should any creature be invulnearble.

3. When writing your creatures include as much detail as possible about their basic appearance and abilities. This includes a picture.

4. All creatures should have details of their habitats, dietary requirements, if they can be tamed and use if so.

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