Mace Windu

Joshua is 37 years old, and has started out in the Parakkan Guard when he was just 16. During his time in the Guard was when he discovered his religious roots, and by the time he was 20 he had joined the Jedi Order - Jediism - as a padawan or initiate.

Over the next five years he quickly progressed up the Jedi ranks becoming a master and even advanced to Major in the Guard. When Joshua was 26 he decided to leave the Guard and devote his life to Jediism. Since then he has helped to recruit people to the religion and seen a number of temples built. When he was 31 he was made a Master of Nydayn Temple. Where he held mass every weekend and participated in a number of good well events to help those in need and promote the order.

When he was 34 a place came up on the Jedi Council - The ruling body of the Order - and he was elected to join the council, which he has served with distinction. When he was 36 he was voted Grand Master of the Order and leader of the council, which has a ten year term.

Joshua is widely respected by his peers and those of other religious leaders through the Empire. However, the Emperor Luke Atreides has demonstrated little time for Joshua and his Jedi ideals.