Parakkan Laws

The following is a general overview of the Laws that help to govern the Parakkan Empire.

Martial Art Training

All able-body citizens must between the ages of six and eighteen be taught self defence. In order to assist with compliance of the law, all schools will incorporate it into the curriculum.

Gun Laws

Every citizen within the Empire are allowed to own a small pistol only for self protection of the home and family. The exceptions to this are citizens with a previous or current criminal conviction and citizens under the age of eighteen years old

Compulsory Military Service

All able-body citizens upon leaving education must undergo two years compulsory military service unless, they are going onto further education. into work or granted special dispensation from service.

Religion and Government

The Government and the various religions throughout the empire shell be considered separate and should not seek to interfere in each others affairs. The exception to this is if the Government feels that a religion is behaving in a manor that goes against the law, or spirit of the freedoms and equities that form the identity of the Empire.

Discrimination Law

All citizens of the Empire should be treated as equals no matter their genders, skin colour, ethnic background, sexual orientation, age, place of birth.

Right to Vote

All citizens aged eighteen or older have the right to vote in elections, as such any citizen who is found not to take part in elections will be fined 5,000 Cubits and or face a 6 month prison term.