Article 1 - Definition

Magic or powers are defined as a special ability that individuals have an ability to tap into via a number of mechanisms.

Article 2 - Role Play

1. This is for internal role play only and does not effect the wider world.

2. This can be used with agreement in co-operative role play.

3. Magic or Powers cannot be used in War Role Play

4. Magic or Powers cannot be omnipotent and all consuming.

Article 3 - Limitations

1. All magic or powers should have limitations attached. This doesn't just include measures to stop them being over powered but also user limitations. Such as costs to the user, items needed to use powers etc.

Article 4 - Reference Material

1. All magic or powers need to be listed somewhere on the nation profile or profile medium for reference (wiki, forum etc)

2. If you are basing your magic or powers off an existing concept then you must reference the original creator of that magic or powers.

Article 5 - Choice

1. Every nation can decide if they want to use powers or not, it is completely voluntary for a nation to say they have magic or not.

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