Article 1 - Purpose

a) The aim of the census is to allow all nations looking it to understand the authors capabilities in a military sense.

Article 2 - Basic Template

a) The following is the template that all nations well be expected to follow:-

Population: 108,756,402
Military budget:  B$450 Billion
Active frontline personnel:  120,000
Active reserve personnel:  620,000
Land Systems
Tanks: 3,250
Armored fighting vehicles: 3,800
Self-propelled Artillery: 5
Towed-artillery: 42
Multiple-launch rocket system: 637
Miscellaneous Vehicles: 460
Air Power
Fighters/Interceptors: 1,300
Fixed-winged aircraft:  1,322
Transport aircraft:  600
Trainer aircraft:  220
Helicopters:  688
Attack helicopters: 322
Naval Power
Aircraft Carriers: 2
Frigates: 15
Destroyers: 17
Corvettes: 15 (8+7)
Submarines: 27
Coastal defense craft: 130
Mine Warfare: 4 (2+2)
Miscellaneous Craft: 22
Resources (Petroleum)
Oil production: ... bbl/day 165,292
Proven oil reserves: ... bbl/day 1,094,690,000

The above template taken from New Wondour and modified by Parakka, based on Information collected from

Code For NationStates
[b]Population[/b]: 108,756,402
[b]Military budget:[/b] B$450 billion 
[b]Active frontline personnel:[/b] 120,000
[b]Active reserve personnel:[/b] 620,000
[b][u]Land Systems[/u][/b]
[b]Tanks:[/b] 3,250
[b]Armored fighting vehicles[/b]: 3,800
[b]Self-Propelled Artillery[/b]: 5
[b]Towed-artillery[/b]: 42
[b]Multiple-launch rocket system[/b]: 637
[b]Miscellaneous Vehicles[/b]: 3,300
[b][u]Air Power[/u][/b]
[b]Total aircraft[/b]: 
[b]Fighters/Interceptors[/b]: 1,300
[b]Fixed-winged aircraft[/b]: 1,322
[b]Transport aircraft[/b]: 600
[b]Trainer aircraft[/b]: 220
[b]Helicopters[/b]: 688
[b]Attack helicopters[/b]: 322
[b][u]Naval Power[/u][/b]
[b]Aircraft Carriers[/b]: 2
[b]Frigates[/b]: 15
[b]Destroyers[/b]: 17
[b]Corvettes[/b]: 15 (8+7)
[b]Submarines[/b]: 27
[b]Coastal defense craft[/b]: 130
[b]Mine Warfare[/b]: 4 (2+2)
[b]Miscellaneous Craft[/b]: 22
[u]Resources (Petroleum)[/u]
[b]Oil production[/b]: 165,292 bbl/day
[b]Proven oil reserves[/b]: 1,094,690,000 bbl/day
The above template taken from [nation=short]new_wondour[/nation] and modified by [nation=short]Parakka[/nation], based on Information collected from

Article 3 - Data

a) The date should be based on the real world date collected from all the real nations that you control.

b) However, in order to allow people to have some creativity the real world figures may be altered providing they are done so in a reasonable manner

b.1) Reasonable is defined as what would be considered fair to the majority of people. Based on various factors relating to the nation in question

c) Factors that should be considered when making reasonable adjustments to real world figures are the following

c.1) Territory Size

c.2) Vision for your nation

d) When making adjustments please do the following:-

d.1) 10 (6+4)

d.2) Explenation, the 10 is the total, the 6 in this example is the real world number and the 4 is the additional number that you are modifying the total by.

Article 4 - Disputes

a) In the event that someone has an issue with a nations military census then it will be up to the Solar Alliance Security Council (SASC) to assess the issue and discuss it with both parties.

b) SASC suggest changes that should be made to a nations census if they find that the nation in question has altered it in a manner that no longer makes it reasonable.


Please remember any deviation from real world numbers must be shown in the style laid out above in order for SASC and Solar Role Play Committee to decide if those numbers are fair and reasonable, should the census be called into question.

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