This wiki is about storing information relating to the regions of the Solar Alliance and The Kuthian Galaxy on Nationstates website. It also is home to the various Parakkan Nations information that operate in those two regions respectively.

Please enjoy your time on the wiki.

Solar Alliance
New Parakka
The Kuthian Galaxy
Flag of The Solar Alliance
Flag of Parakka
Flag of The Kuthian Galaxy

Things to possibly add in the Future

  • Finish off Religion of Rotia page
  • Parakkan Laws
  • continue nation factbook
  • profile for Bevin Redcliffe (Malazan Imperium)
  • profile for Aoni Ma (Talon Member)


I wish to make clear that i in no way am profiting from the use material on this wiki and that all creative rights to the characters/images belong to their original creator(s)

Latest activity

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