Population: 302,238,763
Military budget:  80,000,000,000
Defence Budget Percentage 6%
Available Manpower 152,931,700
Fir-For-Service 120,897,100
Reaching Military Age Annually 5,110,030
Total Military Personnel 6,044,855
Active frontline personnel:  1,511,214
Active reserve personnel:  4,533,641
Land Systems
Tanks: 2,350
Armored fighting vehicles: 6,450
Self-propelled Artillery: 1,809
Towed-artillery: 400
Multiple-launch rocket system: 724
Miscellaneous Vehicles: 98,420
Air Power
Fighters Aircraft: 874
Attack Aircraft:  924
Transport aircraft:  2,354
Trainer aircraft:  603
Helicopters:  3,000
Attack helicopters: 547
Naval Power
Aircraft Carriers: 4
Frigates: 22
Destroyers: 28
Corvettes: 0
Submarines: 20
Coastal defense craft: 105
Mine Warfare: 10
Miscellaneous Craft: 824
Resources (Petroleum)
Oil production: ... bbl/day 6,283,670
Proven oil reserves: ... bbl/day 324,731,980,000

The above template taken from New Wondour and modified by Parakka, based on Information collected from

Parakkan Military Strategy

The Objective of the Parakkan Military is two fold. First is the defence of the Empires borders throw the combined efforts of three main military branches. Second is to ensure that the Influence of the Empire is maintained specifically within the Americas but also in Asia.

In an offensive situation the Empire would seek to exploit the enemies weakness and utilise our strength to ensure we were victorious. In a defensive war that would be using our Jungle Warfare training and specialist equipment, which is heavily invested in by the Empire to our advantage. In an offensive war against a foreign appointment, we would seek to utilise a combination approach of our Air and Navy assets to secure key regions and provide support for our ground forces.

The Empire has developed a number of Battalions, Squadrons and Squadrons to be rapid response forces, with the simple purpose of being able to respond quickly to a developing situation, whilst the rest of the military is organised in order to provide a more thrower response. This will often place the enemy at a disadvantage as they would be unlikely to expect a quick response to an attack. Thus it would stop the enemy from acquiring an advantage over the Empire, as they would not be able to destroy the Empires key infrastructure.

During a defensive or offensive situation military funds well be allocated to meet primary, secondary and tertiary objectives of the military, in order to ensure that the Empire is in the best possible position to win any confrontation.

In order to win a war or confrontation the decisions for the overall war would be made by Central Command and then filtered throw to the rest of the military ensuring that all commanding officers understand their role but have the flexibility to think for themselves and react to unexpected situations.

In certain situations the Empire may find it necessary to strike the a would be enemy first in order to ensure that the enemy wouldn't gain an advantage over the Empire. In these situation the Empire would seek to use either the Navy or Airforce to ensure a quick strike was successful and that the Empire is able to gain the advantage.