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Parakkan Senate


The Parakkan Senate was created to replace both the House of Parliament and the Emperors Assembly. The main purpose of the Senate is to debate new legislation that the Empire might adopt as well as major issues effecting the Empire.

Election Process

The Senate would consist of a thousand seats. It was decided by the Eternal Council that every year a quarter of those seats would be up for Election, thus ensuring that by the end of a 4th year all seats within the senate will have been reelected once. The Emperor deicded in his wisdom that the Senate elections would adopt the principle of proportional representation, what this means is if a political party gains 10% of the vote, then they would get 10% of the seats.

In addition the Prime Minister title would also change to President of the Senate (President for short), and would be awarded to the party leader who's party had the biggest majority of the seats in the senate, unless a coalition is formed. The President would remain in charge for the next four years, even if their party lost the majority.

Powers and Responsibilities

  • Are responsible for debating and approving new laws before they go to the Eternal Council and Emperor for approval
  • Responsible for debating and approval all treaties that might come into effect.
  • Ensure that all parts of the Empire are represented during debates.
  • Can impeach a member of the Eternal Council if they break the law or act in a way that violates their office

Notable people within the Senate