Sarah Perez

Sarah is 25 years old and has been serving in the Liberal Democrats party since she was 18. Sarah is the youngest person ever to lead a part, let alone be President of Parakkan Senate Prime Minister, and the first President at that. Sarah, as leader of the Party has seen a number of polices come into effect, her most important policy was "- 70% Subsided Medical Treatment for families with an income of C30,000 a year or below" which was majorly opposed by Conservative and only passed by a small majority. Sarah is known for being a down to earth politician and is widely respected by both her rivals and friends. If there is a middle ground to be found in a debate Sarah is the one to find it.


  • Cleaver
  • Diplomatic
  • Connects with the people
  • Charismatic
  • Linguistics skills (8 languages)
  • Martial arts (2 styles)