Article 1 - Aim

To Promote and Maintain World Peace through various means.

Article 2 - Membership Requirements

All members of the Solar Alliance are expected to carry out the decisions reached by the council.

Article 3 - Permeant Members

This article lists the nation's that will have a permeant place on the Security Council. In addition they also posses a Veto that can be used to stop a decision being approved.

Article 4 - None Permeant Members

This section details the 'four members on the council who will be rotated every 6 months by elections form the General Assembly (region members) in addition unlike permanent members they don't get a Veto.

  • [Nation].....[/nation]
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Article 5 - Meetings

  1. Meetings are called by one of the Permanent Members or by the President of the Solar Alliance.
  2. Meetings are to take place at the Headquarters of the Solar Alliance in Gar Jenna in Parakka
  3. There shell be two meetings a year as standard.
  4. The order of speakers will go in the order that they are listed in Article 3 and 4
  5. If a member of the General Assembly wishes the Security Council to hold a meeting it should be done within 14 days of the request.

Fundamentals (not in a role play contect)

  • All meetings well take place on Discord and no decision can be taken for 24 after the start of the meeting, in order to ensure that everyone can speak.
  • Everyone should take it in turns to speak, in accordance with Article 5 point 4. If someone is unavailable then they can comment later on the points raised.
  • A Permanent member of the Security Council will create a document summary of the decision taken by the council and the votes for and against.
  • If a member of the Security Council is unavailable at all for the duration of the meeting then they will be classed as abstaining from the decision.
  • All meetings should be conducted in a professional manner
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